ZYN nicotine pouches review

ZYN nicotine pouches are 4-gram moist portions made with tobacco-derived nicotine salts. They come in a white plastic can that houses 15 pouches. The nicotine options are 3 mg and 6 mg, and there are eight total flavors to choose from.


ZYN flavors

ZYN flavors are mild but pleasurable. I’d compare them to the flavor saturation of NIIN, but with better taste.


This is potentially the best citrus-flavored nicotine pouch I’ve tried. ZYN citrus tastes like lemon and lime (emphasis on lime,) with a faint hint of sweetness. It’s natural tasting but without any bitterness. Whereas some citrus pouches have a good aroma and a non-descript citrus flavor, this one has very little aroma but a discernible flavor.


A sweetened and creamy light-roast type of taste. I’d compare this flavor to a coffee nip candy more than coffee itself. Depending on your tastes, that can be a good or a bad thing. For me, it’s somewhere in the middle. I don’t mind this flavor, but it’s not exactly my preference either. The flavor is a bit more saturated than citrus, though still less saturated than Rogue pouches.


A very good cinnamon. It has more of an actual cinnamon spice taste with less cinnamon burn than ON!. I like cinnamon flavors, but not when they taste like stale Big Red. Luckily for me, ZYN cinnamon has more depth than that.

Overall experience

In my experience with ZYN pouches, they’re above average. The nicotine and flavor kick come within the first couple of minutes, and I’m able to get about 30 minutes of use before I want to discard the pouch.

I tried the 3 mg and 6 mg versions. If I use them in the morning, I’m more inclined to use the 3 mg options. If I’m on a long drive at night, I’ll take the 6 mg. Of course, the 6 mg is stronger than the 3 mg, but I don’t think the 3 mg is lacking in kick.

I have a few small issues with ZYN though. The first is that, like with ON!, the pouches can get folded with making passes in the mouth. It’s not as bad as with ON!, but it’s a bit of an annoyance. Also, the cans aren’t that easy to get into. After breaking the perforated seal, there are two arrows (one on the top of the lid and one on the bottom of the can) that are to be lined up. But the arrow on the bottom of the lid is very difficult to see. Lastly, the 15-count is a bit of a letdown. Other than those points, I still recommend ZYN if the nicotine and flavor options suit you.